We provide quality media blasting services for over 33 years in Dubuque, IA and the surrounding area. We offer full service solutions including automotive restoration, heavy equipment, boat hulls, structural steel, wood beams, cornice, stainless steel, well pipe, and any other miscellaneous item you may have. We give all of our blasted pieces a good profile to assure that you get a good bond to the substrate.

We offer the leading technology in the blasting industry in the Graco Vapor blaster. The Graco Vapor Blaster has many advantages but the most impressive is the ability to blast antique car bodies without any damage or warping to the sheet metal.

Crushed Glass

Soda Blasting

Corn Cobbs


Glass Beads

Vapor Blasting

Benefits of Vapor Blasting with EcoQuip 2

  • Up to 92% less dust than traditional dry blasting which means less containment and clean-up
  • Can  blast at 20psi or up to 175psi for all applications
  • As fast or faster than dry blasting*
  • Combines best of both EcoQuip 1 and GeoBlaster® technologies
  • 50% more usable pot capacity than EcoQuip 1
  • Can blast car bodies without warping the metal like traditional blasting does.

*Based on Graco testing with garnet blast media


  • Removal of polyurea, protective coatings and mill scale
  • Concrete repair and restoration
  • Rebar corrossion removal
  • Removal of rust, graffiti and efflorescence without damaging substrate
  • Concrete surface preparation
  • Steel surface preparation
  • Mold remediation
  • Removal of soot and smoke damage
  • Antique car bodies without warping like traditional blasting